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Registration and Fees

Registration Procedure

After your initial contact an appointment will be held and start dates will be agreed by both parties and a registration form will be completed.  An invoice will be sent via email with the bank details clearly visible. A Contract and Consent form will be signed by both parties.

Payment Procedure

Invoices are sent quarterly via email (however a monthly payment can be arranged if attending 2 classes or more)

January-March (due no later than 3 rd January)

April-June (due no later than 3 rd April)

July-September (due no later than 3 rd July)

October-December (due no later than 3 rd October)

  •          If a late payment reminder is sent twice, a 25CHF will be charged.

  •         A registration fee of 75chf paid once only on initial invoice.

  •         One month deposit will be included in your first invoice and will be used for your last 4 weeks of attendance (1 month notice                               must be given)

  •         All classes are closed in July however a Summer Camp is offered and will be charged on the invoice those wishing to attend.

  •         Payment for absences is charged for and a make-up class maybe offered.

CLASS FEES (as from July 2024)

Preschool per session.    3.5 HRS     50 CHF

Maths Classes                   2 HRS         35 CHF



Reception - Year 4            3 HRS         50 CHF

Year 5+                                 1.5 HRS     35CHF

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