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A snack of fruit and carbohydrate will be provided with a drink of water.


Staffing :

There will be qualified members of staff available at all times. Safety is of high priority during outings and  preschool children will be wearing illuminous safety jackets with school telephone number clearly displayed.


Children’s Belongings (Preschool children):

Preschool children must have their name written on all belongings. 

  • Indoor shoes /slippers are needed at all times.

  • Appropriate covering and clothing for the weather needed

  • Nappy Changing items if not toilet trained

  • Spare set of clothing (clothes may become messy)


Parents Involvement:

We like to promote a community spirit within the building and ideas from parents are welcomed . Seasonal events are arranged for example Halloween Party and Christmas Party and two Family events. We like parents to feel at ease in addressing any issues they may have and can contact me by office, telephone or email to discuss any queries.


Collection of children:

Only authorised adults are allowed to collect children as stated on your registration form, however with verbal permission from you, we will allow your child to be collected.



Sunshine Little Learners will be closed only at Christmas and authorised official Bank Holidays . Closures will be reminded in a monthly newsletter. For closure dates please see the attached document


Any child who is absent we require a message  to say they will not be attending, there is no reimbursements for any absences for whatever reason a child will not be attending. A make up class may be offered if the places are available.

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